About us

All Saints is a creative, mission-focused course for women and men training part-time for ordained and Reader ministry in the North-West, Isle of Man and East Midlands. We work in partnership with six very different dioceses.  Our base is in the north-west where we train people in centres across the dioceses of Blackburn, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester.

All Saints is a large learning community spread across the North West and East Midlands of England and the Isle of Man, with some students from further afield across the UK. We have over 270 students. Of these, the  largest group are those training to be Anglican Readers (candidates from seven dioceses train on this course – Blackburn, Chester, Derby, Liverpool, Manchester, Sodor & Man and Southwell & Nottingham). The next largest group are the Anglican ordinands. There is usually also a small number of independent students and/or students from other dioceses and churches.

About the Course

We teach in centres across the region, on weeknights and weekends with a week-long residential school for ordinands.  The course is designed to enable people in full-time work and others to train for ministry.

Our focus is on giving people biblical, theological and spiritual foundations for practical ministry in local churches and communities. We aim to help people grow as disciples of Christ, ministers of the Gospel and leaders in mission. Independent students are also welcome.

Ordinands and candidates for Reader ministry train alongside each other in weeknight centres across the north-west, and in a mix of study days, residential weekends and an annual week-long school. The course integrates teaching and study with worship and fellowship and practical ministry in a variety of placements. As well as offering University of Durham accredited awards via the Church of England’s Common Awards programme, we have a long-standing relationship with the University of Chester. Most ordinands and many Readers are using their studies on the course towards a Foundation or higher degree and we also offer a range of options for higher or further study, as well as our own All Saints Certificate.

All Saints has been recognised for its excellent teaching, innovative approaches and its commitment to getting training in mission and ministry right for a wide range of  women and men.  If you are exploring ministry, come and explore it with us.Ven Dr John Applegate, Principal

Our Unique Learning Model

The Course has two distinctive features.

First, wherever appropriate, we train people preparing for lay and ordained ministries together. Thus, four of the six modules that make up the Reader training course are delivered to those preparing for lay and ordained ministry together. The other two modules are tailored specifically to lay and ordained ministries, and therefore delivered separately to Readers and ordinands. Ordinands also attend a residential summer (in the third year, Easter) school during which they study modules which are not taught to Reader candidates.

Second, we take seriously each person’s own ministerial context. That is, what you learn in the ‘classroom’ and private study and your experiences whilst ‘on placement’ should inform, shape and affect each other. Placement in this context means your home church setting, or a specially arranged placement in another church or community setting. Since you are always in one or the other, students are ‘on placement’ for the whole of their time on the course.

Church of England Inspection Report

In 2012 All Saints was inspected by the Church of England’s inspectors to assess whether the course was doing a good job of preparing women and men for ministry. 
Here are some of the comments from their report on what the course provides:-

  • passionate and enthusiastic teaching
  • innovative, both in terms of its content and approach
  • excellent teaching
  • the commitment of the staff is a great strength
  • excellent administration
  • students are very positive, articulating a strong sense of calling with a relationship of mutual respect and trust with staff
  • we observed growth in confidence and competence
  • good, highly practical and relevant input from experienced clergy sharing their experience and providing practical advice
  • very good teaching and engaging presentation of material
  • integration of theory and practice
  • tutors offered very constructive, encouraging and helpful feedback to students
  • opportunities for candidates to grow in their discipleship, and develop their public role
I am delighted to see the report’s affirmation of the course’s excellent training … it is great that the report so strongly affirms the quality of All Saints Centre’s training for mission and ministryRt Rev Richard Blackburn, Bishop of Warrington