A Worshipping Community

Worship and prayer are at the heart of our life on the Course and we are committed to worshipping God together, regularly. Worship is not an optional extra but a central part of our life and learning as a community.

Both students and staff come from a wide variety of traditions and this is reflected n our worship – and students are encouraged to use the course as a time to explore worship that includes both a range of authorised sources and also more innovative approaches.

At weeknight teaching sessions, time is always given for prayer and worship (usually led by students at the beginning or the end of the evening). The pattern of worship on Saturday and Sunday study days and residentials is designed to extend and deepen students’ experiences of worship by exposing them to the riches of other worship traditions, as well as to the delights of their own tradition.

There are two important elements to keep in balance during your time on the course. It will be a time and place of learning and growing as a leader of worship, but it also provides a time and place for growing and developing in your own experience of worship as a Christian disciple and a member of the church.

An important part of the learning on this course is to be aware of the privileges of leading God’s people in worship but also the potential tension between leading worship and maintaining a healthy worship life yourself. We hope that the course will help you to develop in knowledge,  skills and experience as a leader of worship and as a preacher – and also that it will help you connect at a deeper level with a rhythm of personal and corporate prayer, worship and Bible reading.

The Course … clearly encourages students to grow as worshippers as well as developing their skills as worship leaders.National Inspection Report 2012