Studying for Credit

While All Saints’ core aim is to prepare people for Christian ministry, a central part of that is rigorous study and thinking and an important element of that is our ability to offer study that is accredited at University level. Not all students study for academic credit, and all modules can be studied without any link to a University award. However, most of our students are studying for academic credit towards a Foundation Degree or other award.

All the modules can be studied as part of a foundation degree (FdA) in Mission and Ministry awarded by the University of Chester. A Foundation Degree requires successful completion of twelve modules, taken over a period of three or more years.

A Foundation Degree is equivalent to the first two years of a BA degree (240 CAT points or credits). The combination of modules taken by any individual depends on the ministry for which they are training and their individual circumstances (such as previous accredited learning, ministerial experience, and any training needs specified by the sponsoring diocese or church).

The standard 3-year pathway leads to the Foundation Degree – but we can also offer students the ability to study at Bachelors or Masters level if appropriate. Those with prior theology degrees, for example, can take alternative and/or higher courses of study.

Our programmes are currently validated by the University of Chester, but All Saints is also part of the discussion nationally about all Church of England ordination training being validated by the University of Durham.

The fact that modules are validated by a University makes no difference to the type of assessments used- whether accredited or not, students do the same mix of written, oral and practical assessments that are designed to prepare people for ordained ministry in the Church and the world. Click here for more information on assessments.