Postgraduate study

All Saints offers resources for those wanting to do further study and extend their existing qualifications. We can offer teaching and supervisions at all levels of study from Foundation Degree to doctoral studies.

In particular, All Saints offers pathways to those who are sponsored to undertake post-graduate studies as part of their training for ministry.

Typically, a pathway will combine engagement with some All Saints modules (selected according to the specific needs of the individual), a programme of one or more placements, and attendance at residential training weekends and schools, with post-graduate studies at an appropriate university. All such pathways and programmes are individually negotiated , but here are a couple of recent examples:

– an ordinand with some years of ministry experience and a first degree in theology studied for an MA in Theology and Ministry at King’s College in London alongside a programme of selected modules, placements and residences with All Saints.

– an ordinand with a PhD in theology studied for a professional doctorate (DProf) in Practical Theology at Chester University alongside a programme of selected modules, placements and residences with All Saints.

To find out more about the options available, please email the Principal.