Reader Training – Overview

Reader Training with All Saints takes place over two years. Each year students take 3 modules a year. Two of these modules are delivered on weeknight evenings (one module in the first half of the year and the other module in the second half); one module is delivered at weekends on 6 study days throughout the year.

See below for an overview of how the course fits together and click here for more information on each of the modules.

Overview Diagram



A significant part of the course is learning on placement, with practical ministry taking place both in the trainee’s home church and in the external church placement – Readers are expected to be involved in regular worship leading and preaching, with feedback from their supervisor. Click here for more information on Reader placements.


Preaching is central to reader ministry and, with help and guidance, you will prepare and preach sermons on a regular basis throughout your training, beginning in the first term.


As well as leading worship in placements, Readers are expected to be part of the regular worshipping community. Worship together is also a significant part of the training sessions and study days, with each study day including a shared communion service with trainees from different dioceses and year-groups.

Bible reading

Readers are ministers of the Word in the world and the Bible is a central focus of the training. During the two years of the course all students are expected to read the whole Bible, with guidance and resources available to help them do this.

Post-licensing training

If they successfully complete the course, Readers are licensed after two years of training with All Saints. Each diocese also has a structured programme of post-licensing training that is obligatory for Reader in the first few years after their licensing. Click here for more information on post-licensing training for Readers.

The two years of formation towards being licensed as a Reader have been enormously enjoyable and rewarding.  Study evenings and occasional weekend days have flown by.  Our course tutors have been, without exception, excellent: academically expert and pastorally experienced, and they have guided us through a comprehensive study programmeAnne, licensed Reader