Reader Post-licensing training

After the initial 2 years of Reader training, Readers enter a structured programme of post-licensing training in the first few years after they are licensed.

The exact programmes are organised by dioceses, working in partnership with All Saints. All Saints offers a range of modules for Readers doing post-licensing training, with all modules offering the option of accredited study towards an award such as a Foundation or higher degree. Modules available include

Pioneering Church

This module (taught on weekends) looks closely at planting new churches and at emerging, alternative and Fresh Expressions of church.  It offers a blend of different styles of learning in the classroom, in participants’ ministerial contexts and on “observational visits” and/or a placement.

Death & Grief

This module (taught on a mix of weeknights and Saturdays) looks at approaches to working with those who are bereaved as well as specifically addressing skills for funeral ministry. It includes site visits to crematoria and funeral directors, with input from experience practitioners as well as thinking about bereavement and our theology of Christian Hope.

Guided Study

This module (taught on weekends) offers a mix of tutor input and guidance with a significant element of independent study, offering students the opportunity to engage in depth with an area of biblical, theological or ethical study and how it is applied in ministry.

Independent Study

This module offers a flexible approach to learning, with students given resources and tutorial supervision on an independent research project of their own choice that is linked to their ministry context.

Chaplaincy with the Deaf Community

This module aims to equip students in working as a minister or chaplain within the Deaf community and includes reflecting both on the theological and cultural background to the deaf community but also on the skills and approaches needed for mission and ministry with the deaf. The majority of the course is taught and assessed in British Sign Language

Theologies and Ethical Thinking in Context

This module (taught on weeknights with ordinands) examines developments in core theological concepts from the early church and Middle Ages, through the Reformation and Enlightenment periods and into the present day, applying theology to how we live out our faith in church and world.

Service and Leadership

This module (taught on weeknights with ordinands) looks at the nature of Christian servant-leadership exemplified in Jesus, how we can develop good habits as leaders in the church and some of the principles of collaborative working, dealing with conflict and ways in which churches can grow.

Selected Biblical Texts and Themes

This module (taught on weekends with ordinands) looks in depth at a number of Old and New Testament texts, drawing out the hermeneutical principles which help us understand texts in their own contexts and how they speak in to our lives today.

Worship, Preaching and Working with Young People

This module (taught on weekends with ordinands) builds on ‘Worship and Preaching in a Pastoral Context’, extending the range of contexts in which we consider worship and preaching, and looking at good practice in working with young people.

Global Mission

This module (taught on a Summer School with ordinands) explores the changing cultures of Britain, including other world faiths, how churches can respond, and what it means to engage effectively in evangelism and the mission of God today.

Human Development and Pastoral Care

This module (taught on a Summer School with ordinands) develops participants’ understanding, awareness and skills as ordained and licensed ministers, of the psychology of religion and its implications for Christian ministry.