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Our History & Vision

All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry (All Saints) was established in 2006 through the commitment of the Bishops of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester together with Baptist, Methodist and URC church leaders and trainers, to collaborate more closely in providing part-time, locally accessible, high quality theological education and training in the region.

The founding vision was for a unitary and fully ecumenical Regional Training Partnership (the “Southern North West Training Partnership” [SNWTP]).

All Saints is a company limited by guarantee, and a registered charity.  By 2011, Free Church leaders and colleges recommended that the partnership became a fully Anglican training institution, owing to low student numbers from their denominations.

In 2013 the partnership changed its name to All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry.

In 2015 All Saints transferred validation of its educational programmes to Durham University under the Common Awards.

In 2019, All Saints updated its visual identity and website to reflect the organisation’s developing mission and vision.

Our Vision 

We seek to offer transformative theological education that prepares women and men for lay and ordained ministriethat are: 

  • grounded in the Bible’s vision for human liberation and flourishing;
  • inspired by the Gospel of Jesus’ ministry of healing and radical inclusion;
  • sustained by a life of prayer, worship and a life-giving spirituality;
  • focused on missional, life-sharing servant leadership;
  • Spirit-led and sensitive to pressing contemporary issues, such as social justice and environmental concerns. 

Our Mission 

Aiming to equip every student to be, under God, the best disciple, Reader, Deacon or Priest they can be, we provide theological education and ministerial formation that are: 

  • community-based and rooted in local contexts; 
  • accessible, inclusive and diverse; 
  • offered part-time to fit around a busy life-style; 
  • focused on the shaping of Christian character. 

All Saints’ ‘Window Bridge’

Our distinctive ‘Window Bridge’ logo was commissioned in 2019 to refresh All Saints’ visual identity.  The design contains three distinct parts, representing the Trinity:

The Window/Bridge Arch:

The arch is reminiscent of a stained-glass church window.  The window supplies a view ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the Church.  All Saints’ part-time training is rooted in context, which provokes students to reflect ‘inside’ the Church as they engage with their local context on placement, and ‘outside’ of the Church in their secular workplaces.

The icon also depicts a bridge, representing unity and coming together, as well as the concept of training being a journey for the student, as they learn and build.

The white space within the window shape is also representative of an open and welcoming institution.

The reflection

The reflection symbolises the theologically reflective nature of training for ministry.

The colours

The use of different colours reinforces the symbolism of the joining together of diverse groups of people, with a variety of perspectives across different geographical locations.



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