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Supporting our Students

As specialists in part-time adult education, we recognise what it means to combine study with family life and the demands of ministry.  We provide comprehensive pastoral and academic support to help students face the inevitable challenges of adding study commitments to an already full life.

Director of Studies

If you need help of any kind with your study and training, your Director of Studies is your personal tutor with oversight of your academic and formational progress and your first port-of-call for support.

Support for Students with Disabilities and/or Specific Learning Differences

We recognise that certain disabilities, and specific learning differences such as dyslexia, have the potential to impact students’ learning experience and engagement with learning and assessment.

We aim to ensure that people with disabilities, and/or specific learning differences, do not suffer unfair discrimination and are enabled to achieve their full potential, whether as students or as staff.

All Saints asks Directors of Studies to be especially aware of disability issues and of the help available to students with a disability.

The Vice-Principal, Dr Karl Möller is responsible for co-ordinating support and learning plans.  A Deaf tutor, the Revd Dr Hannah Lewis is our Disability Advocate.

To help All Saints understand students’ needs and, where necessary, to make reasonable adjustments to Course requirements, we ask every student to provide up-to-date personal information at the beginning of each year, to be held confidentially in line with current data protection legislation.

For students who have (or may have) a learning disability, such as dyslexia, for example, a professional assessment will be necessary, and All Saints can help direct students to a professional assessor.  Once a formal assessment has been received, All Saints can then work to understand what support is needed and what reasonable adjustments can be made.


Moodle is our Virtual Learning Environment and an essential component of your studies at All Saints.  Moodle provides a vital online hub for teaching and learning materials, electronic journals and e-books, community news and updates, handbooks, policies and forum interactions. In short, Moodle is a critically important tool in drawing the All Saints community together outside of the classroom.

We have invested much time and effort developing our Moodle platform in recent years to ensure that it is simple and attractive for students of all technical abilities to use.  We provide training for all students at the start of their programmes, and provide supplementary updates and materials to make your experience using Moodle as enjoyable as possible.

We have a dedicated IT & VLE Officer on our staff team who is available to students for technical support relating to upload of assignments or access of teaching materials.


All students enjoy registration with a centrally located specialist theological library within the North West region, thanks to a partner relationship.

Our partner library relationship gives our students access to a wide range of online and printed theological resources, and offers a restful and well-equipped library space for study, with long opening hours, and extensive borrowing privileges.

Call the library staff ahead of your visit and they will retrieve your list of books and have them ready for you upon arrival to save precious study time.  For those who live too far away to visit, our partner also operates a postal loan service and will pay 50% of postage costs when sending you books.

Students on accredited Common Awards programmes can also enjoy access to a wider range of online journals and e-books and can study at other library partners in the North-West region through the SCONUL scheme.

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