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The Inclusive Classroom

Embracing and celebrating diversity are at the heart of All Saints' vision for building our learning community.  We are passionate about an inclusive approach to ministry and we are determined to offer a fully inclusive approach to learning and teaching.

We aim at academic excellence while being accessible to everyone, regardless of educational background, learning style or specific learning needs.  We offer an interactive classroom experience that is relaxed, fun and engaging.

Our pathways range from a Certificate of Higher Education to a Masters’ programme and everything in between. This flexibility ensures that everyone will find a programme of study that is best suited to their particular needs, whether they have no experience of Higher Education, are returning to study after a significant gap, have little experience of ministry or theology, or come with a degree in theology.

We welcome, support and are committed to enabling the ministry of women and men from the whole breadth of traditions within the Anglican Church, people from different social backgrounds, with disabilities, with diverse gender identities or sexual orientations, from BAME communities and people for whom English is not their first language. We are committed to the flourishing of all, as we believe that this will enrich the learning of all within our community.

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