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Why Train at All Saints?

We are committed to studying and understanding what the Bible says to us and our communities as we seek to honour God through Jesus Christ.

All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry is an expansive learning community, with over seventy students preparing for ordination, forty for lay ministries, twenty completing academic awards as part of their curacies and forty more studying to develop their discipleship, plus independent students.  Despite being one of the Church of England’s largest providers of ministerial training, a recent Periodic External Review by the Church of England and Durham University recognised All Saints as having a strong sense of community.

Wherever appropriate, Ordinands learn alongside those training for lay ministries.  All Saints’ amazing students come from a range of different backgrounds and church traditions, enriching the classroom experience.  PER reviewers observed “a high level of respect for differing beliefs and practices within the Church of England” in teaching, worship and informal contexts across our diverse community.

“We found a TEI that possessed: a strong sense of community, despite its dispersed nature; a collaborative approach to mission and ministry; a strong commitment to contextual mission and ministry and to careful theological reflection; and a heartening openness to a breadth of diverse traditions across the church. Truly, the name ‘All Saints’ is well-chosen.”

Ministry Council: Periodic External Review Report, 2019

We are specialists in adult education, offering accessible teaching and learning at evenings and weekends. Our teaching centres are situated within reasonable travelling distance of students’ local contexts across the North West, the Isle of Man and Derbyshire.  Class sizes are carefully monitored to ensure a collegial and interactive environment.

We offer a balanced and highly collaborative approach to training for ministry.   Context-based programmes blend theory and practice, applying study of mission, ministry and classical theological disciplines such as biblical studies, doctrine and history to real-life reflective placement-learning.

Our close relationships within local dioceses ensure interesting, challenging and varied placement learning opportunities for students, so that students are equipped to grow and be transformed whilst still being rooted in context.

“Nobody moves but everybody changes during their time with All Saints.”

Revd Matt Allen, Director of Studies for Ordinands and Readers Blackburn Diocese

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