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5 Questions to a Theologian: Andrew Perriman

27th April 2020, 12:15 BST The first in an occasional blog series 5 Questions to a Theologian, in which we invite academics to answer questions on their work and views. …


Minimalism Documentary: A Review

Alastair Wehbeh 10th March 2020, 12:13 GMT   America, they say, is the land of opportunity. To many this means the opportunity to work, raise a family, be free to…


Posada Reflection: Power in the Welcome

The scene is a high-rise flat in an area in the 1% most deprived in England. The estate is dark, labyrinthine and for the only time in my ministry, I…


Posada Reflection: No room at the inn?

It must have been an arduous journey, but Mary, heavily pregnant, and Joseph, her loyal fiancé, at last make it to Bethlehem to get themselves registered. We know Luke’s story…


‘Working’, ‘being’, ‘for’ and ‘with’ – Considering the Future of Learning and Teaching at All Saints

At the beginning of the academic year, about twenty-five of our tutors met to consider the future of teaching and learning at All Saints. Taking place within the wider context…


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