Safeguarding is everybody’s business.

All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry is committed to:

  • The care and nurture of, and respectful pastoral ministry with, all children, young people and adults.
  • The safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and adults.
  • The establishing of safe, caring communities which provide an environment where victims of abuse can report or disclose abuse
    and where they can find support and best practice that contributes to the prevention of abuse.

In particular, All Saints aims to:

  • Reduce the risk of harm to vulnerable people (children and adults) from abuse or other types of exploitation, whilst listening to and
    supporting individuals.
  • Ensure that safeguarding is everybody’s business, with this institution playing its part in preventing and detecting neglect and abuse.
  • Ensure that arrangements are in place locally to protect those least able to protect themselves.
  • As a training organisation, to be involved in good safeguarding thinking and practice in our teaching, supervision and formation for

All Saints Commitment to Safeguarding: Making activities safe

  • All personnel will be recruited safely including criminal record checks for all eligible roles
  • All staff will be expected to undergo safeguarding training and to refresh this every three years
  • Safeguarding concerns and incidents will be recorded and reported as appropriate
  • Records relating to safeguarding will be stored appropriately and securely
  • Electronic communication will be used wisely and appropriately
  • Risk assessments will be carried out by All Saints for all activities

Please review All Saints’ Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for more details.

What to do in the case of a safeguarding concern or allegation:

If the situation is an emergency and there is an immediate risk, call the police.


  • Allow time and space for people to talk
  • Listen without interrupting
  • Be attentive to what they are saying
  • Take it seriously
  • Acknowledge that you understand how difficult this may be
  • Offer reassurance that it is the right thing to tell someone
  • Tell them what will happen next


If there is an emergency situation with immediate risk, call the police. Then tell the All Saints Safeguarding Officer or the
Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (DSA).


Make a written record of exactly what has been said and when. Send this to the All Saints Safeguarding Officer or the DSA, who
will then take action as appropriate.

Please DO NOT investigate any allegations or concerns.

Important Contact Details

All Saints Safeguarding Officer:
Dr Claire Egan
Director of Postgraduate Programmes
01925 535094

All Saints Deputy Safeguarding Officer:
Dr Karl Möller, Vice Principal
01925 534691

For safeguarding advice:
0303 003 1111
An independent safeguarding organisation, available 7 days a week.

For further information

View All Saints’ Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for more details.

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