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Clergy Development Training

Continuing Ministerial Development is essential for refreshing ministers and ministries.   All Saints offers courses for ministerial development as part of our vision for life-long learning and development, and for the flourishing of the kingdom.

Ministry Development courses are taught part-time so that clergy can study while managing the demands of a busy ministry.  As specialists in part-time adult education, we understand what it means to combine study with family life and the demands of ministry.  We provide pastoral and academic support to help students face the inevitable challenges of adding study commitments to an already full life.

To minimise travel, sessions are taught in regional centres and through a growing range of high quality online resources to facilitate study wherever students may find themselves.

We offer programmes that build on your existing knowledge and skills at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Ministers can ‘top-up’ their existing qualifications in the Common Awards framework, or study more deeply in chosen areas.  The BA (Hons) top-up, Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate programmes offer opportunities for developing ministry in your current post – and for looking beyond it.

Our BA (Hons) top-up pathway, offers an opportunity to develop your ministry in context through reflective practice modules, or to continue broadening your understanding of the Bible, theology, ethics, apologetics.  The final piece of work is an in-depth study (dissertation) in an area of your choice, or an extended project incorporating pastoral work in your current post.

Graduate Diploma pathway offers similar opportunities to the top-up pathway, but without the need for a dissertation or extended project if studying in smaller chunks is better for you.

Postgraduate awards include the Certificate, Diploma and MA programmes which offer opportunities for more self-directed study and research.

Our 2020 programmes are currently being finalised, and details will be announced soon.

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