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Independent students are welcome at All Saints.  Whether dipping a toe into the Bible or theology for the first time, returning to study after a break, topping-up an earlier qualification, starting a postgraduate award or developing your ministry, All Saints offers courses from the introductory Durham University Foundation Award to a Masters Degree.

We believe that studying theology in a faith-environment helps strengthen personal faith in and understanding of the God revealed in the Bible and through Jesus Christ.

At All Saints we believe that teaching and learning is not a one-way process. The formal lecture-style has its place, but it is one of a number of teaching styles which we use at All Saints. Because we place a huge importance on your own investment in the learning process we aim to make learning two-way. That means that sessions are best understood as collaborative and open-ended. Throughout the course we will invite you to participate by asking questions, interacting with peers, sharing your own ideas, and, using a wide variety of assessment types which go beyond the traditional academic essay.

Our ideal is to help you to discover answers for yourself. This is not because the teacher doesn’t know the answer. It is because we realise that learning is a coordinated series of small epiphanies. What we hope is that while you are with us you will feel yourself learning and growing.

We offer a flexible approach to learning, at a realistic pace – and a realistic price.

Introductory courses:

Offer an opportunity to try studying theology. The Foundation Award does what you would expect from its name; it provides the basic foundations of biblical and theological study. You can add further modules to achieve a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission.

Foundation Award 1 year part-time study 60 credits
Certificate of Higher Education 2 years part-time study 120 credits

Standard courses:

You can add to any of these introductory awards with further study to achieve a higher level Certificate, or a Diploma of Higher Education, or Bachelor’s degree (BA [honours]).

Certificate of Higher Education (180 credits) 2-3 years part-time study 180 credits
Diploma of Higher Education 2-4 years part-time study 240 credits
BA (Hons) 4-6 years part-time study 360 credits

Top-up courses:

Students with a Diploma in Theology, or a degree in another subject together with a Certificate in Theology, may “top-up” their award with a Graduate Certificate of Graduate Diploma.

Graduate Certificate 1 year part-time study 60 credits
Graduate Diploma 2 years part-time study 120 credits

Postgraduate courses:

Postgraduate courses are available to people with a suitable qualification in theology and to ministers who want to develop their ministry.  You can take this in easy stages by working through the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma to a full Master’s degree.

Postgraduate Certificate 1 year part-time study 60 credits
Postgraduate Diploma 2 years part-time study 120 credits
MA 3 years part-time study 180 credits

We offer specialist teaching in urban and rural ministry and ministry-development.  Our 2020/21 programmes will be announced in early 2020.

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