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Training for Lay Ministry

All Saints’ aim is to help each person who trains with us to be, under God, the best Reader they can be.  At the heart of this is formation for ministry. 

We believe that life-giving engagement with the living Christ is at the heart of formation.   

For Readers, it leads to creative engagement with Scripture and the riches of the Christian tradition.  A key part of training is structured study which seeks to enrich and deepen faith in God and understanding of God.  This is carried out in dialogue with ministerial placements where candidates encounter the pastoral realities of mission and ministry.    

Formation is about and for the whole of life.   

  • First, what does the Church expect of ministers of the Gospel and public representatives of Christ who are called to serve those to whom they are sent and to cooperate with the other ministers in that setting? 
  • Second, what knowledge and cognitive skills are necessary to resource a ministry of the word? 
  • Third, what practical and reflective ministerial skills do Readers need to be effective in ministry? 
  • Fourth and perhaps most importantly, what spiritual relationships, practices and disciplines do Readers need to develop to sustain ministry over twenty, thirty, forty years? 

All Saints’ training for Reader ministry is normally for two years depending on prior experience and study.  The course is a carefully designed mix of prayer and worship, study, practical placements, supervision and reflection.  Students are on placement for the whole of their time with us in home and alternative parishes and potentially a community or chaplaincy setting.  We offer a careful balance of study and missional placements, with academic courses validated by Durham University through the Church’s Common Awards.  Our courses are designed for beginners in theology but candidates with suitable academic qualifications can study for a higher award. 

All Saints seeks to be the learning community in which ministerial students can achieve all they are capable of for Christ as their ministry develops. 

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